6 Steps to a successful Flight Review 

All Pilots must complete a Flight Review every 2 years per 14 CFR 61.56 to act as Pilot in Command. 

Instructor's OBJECTIVES for the Flight Review

  • Meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.56:
    Minimum 1 hour ground/1 hour flight for proficient pilots.

  • Verify the pilot’s proficiency at a level suitable to act as pilot-in-command under the certificate/ratings being used.

  • Assess and improve the pilot’s knowledge of, and ability to operate safely from, runways of different sizes and surface types, under varying light and weather conditions.

1. Schedule a date and complete the Pilot Information Form
2. Select an online study program. We recommend MzeroA or Gold Seal
3. Chose one of the AOPA Focused Flight Review Profiles 
4. Flight Plan a cross country flight to an airport of your choice. (Must be more then 50 nm from departure airport), complete a W&B and obtain a full weather briefing. 
  • TOLD Sheet
  • Flight Planning Document 
5. Bring the following required documents: 
  • Pilot License 
  • Photo ID
  • Logbook
  • Medical
  • Completion certificate from online ground school
6. Have fun and learn something new! 

Flight Review

(a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b) and (f) of this section, a flight review consists of a minimum of 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training. The review must include: 

(1) A review of the current general operating and flight rules of part 91 of this chapter; and 

(2) A review of those maneuvers and procedures that, at the discretion of the person giving the review, are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate. 

(b) Glider pilots may substitute a minimum of three instructional flights in a glider, each of which includes a flight to traffic pattern altitude, in lieu of the 1 hour of flight training required in paragraph (a) of this section. 

(c) Except as provided in paragraphs (d), (e), and (g) of this section, no person may act as pilot in command of an aircraft unless, since the beginning of the 24th calendar month before the month in which that pilot acts as pilot in command, that person has—

(1) Accomplished a flight review given in an aircraft for which that pilot is rated by an authorized instructor and 

(2) A logbook endorsed from an authorized instructor who gave the review certifying that the person has satisfactorily completed the review. 


Flight Review

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